Taking Care of Healthcare Equipment

Published on : 11/16/21
  • It’s a huge responsibility to keep medical equipment in tip-top shape. After all, these machines are used to support medical staff to monitor the health of patients and treat various ailments.

    It is comforting to know, therefore, that the teams and individuals supporting healthcare clients and patients have a wealth of experience to draw from. 

    Take for instance, Thanavut Kulkumpol, an Operations Manager who has been with Sodexo for 4 years. He has over 20 years of experience under his belt handling medical equipment and working with medical device companies. Here at Sodexo, K.Thanavut leads three teams of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) experts to support our various clients with their maintenance needs. 

    The on-site team, he shares, are hospital biomedical engineers. They carry out inspections, perform planned maintenance or malfunctioning equipment. They also conduct medical gas maintenance and decommission end-of-life equipment. These are the ladies and gentlemen we want on hand to ensure that everything is working well and ensure that medical diagnostics and procedures are happening smoothly!

    image of thanavut standing with healthcare equipment

    K.Thanavut, with a medical device that his team keeps in tip-top condition

    For smaller healthcare sites that might not have on-site personnel, or for niche medical equipment, a roving Mobile Team is also on-hand to conduct preventative maintenance on a fixed schedule. 

    In Thailand, we also have a specialized OEM team, who perform preventative maintenance for medical device companies and leading international brands.
    K.Thanavut is most satisfied, he says, when clients are able to use the medical devices safely and get accurate results to enable the best medical outcomes. After all, the work that our teams do daily support the work of doctors and nurses to take care of patients so that they may recover well! 

    Even with two decades of experience under his belt, K. Thanavut is still on a learning journey. He’s currently looking to learn more about facilities management, food services and financial management to grow and progress in his career with Sodexo Healthcare. 

    Interested to learn more about Sodexo's Healthcare Technology Maintenance services? Reach out to us today!