Focus Areas

COVID19: Creating Safe Workplaces

As businesses emerge out of different lockdowns and circuit breakers to control the spread of COVID19 in Asia Pacific, safety, hygiene and an effective process to ease back to work is necessary. Sodexo can help.

socially-engaged workplace

FMCG: Be the employer of choice

To help organisations attract the best future talents, we know it’s crucial to understand what motivates Millennials and Gen Z and build an engaging workplace around them. All the while ensuring quality and cultural sensitivity across your offices worldwide.

smart chef

Technology: Ahead of the innovation curve

To improve quality of life today, Sodexo puts digital innovations at the heart of our services. In Sodexo Asia Pacific House, we use technology to improve all aspects of work life. Like a tightly integrated IoT facilities management platform with 200 comfort sensors, and Smart Chef app and RFID fridges for fuss-free access to fresh meals.

variety of working spaces support all styles of working

Professional Services: Attracting and inspiring professionals

We help employers keep top professionals inspired and motivated by creating a workspace designed around their emotional needs. Integrating technology that lets them balance work and home life. Just take a look at Sodexo APAC House, where our variety of working spaces support all styles of working, and our tech-enabled hot-desking system drives inter-department interaction and productivity.

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ICT & Media: Exceeding employee expectations

People want to work for companies that have integrity and a strong sense of social responsibility. Our solutions deliver creative and effective workplaces that encourage employees to take part in world-changing initiatives. We’re proud to offer facility management services across the Asia Pacific region that contributes to employees' comfort and sense of safety, and simplify their daily work life.

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We serve over 10,000 clients and 15,000 sites globally in the business and industry segment.