Focus Areas

No two healthcare economies are the same. To provide truly global healthcare support, you need a world of experience. Want to understand the latest innovations in Thailand ? Or the intricacies of various healthcare systems? We can help, because we are partners to healthcare providers.

Solving primary care provider challenges

At Sodexo, we see every meal we prepare and serve as an opportunity to nourish and delight patients, which ultimately leads to better patient recovery. Our staff dining service provides your team with the right nutrition to focus on their tasks on hand. Our in-house experts also keep your essential diagnostic equipment working efficiently.

Meeting Demands With Reliability and Assurance

Diabetic-friendly. Geriatric. Confinement diets. We deliver thousands of therapeutic meals, planned by our expert nutritionists, selected through our Touch-To-Order meal order system, to patients every day. And that’s not all. From infection control, portering to facilities management, our team takes prides in creating an environment that feels like home to healthcare workers and patients alike.

24/7 Maintenance Interventions

Hospitals have to be able to plan for capital improvements instead of reacting to problems. In addition, they need to keep daily operations humming—while keeping costs to a minimum. We maintain buildings to prevent problems from arising. Our Maximo Asset Management offers a full range of preventive and corrective maintenance services varying from housekeeping, technical, security to landscaping.

Medical Device Management Services

Since July 2008 Sodexo Thailand has started offering its healthcare clients Medical Device Management services that have helped hospitals manage preventive and corrective maintenance of all medical equipment as well as create an inventory and track the location of all medical equipment within the hospital.