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Energy & Resources

Quality of Life Services in even the Harshest Environments

Life's tough for people working in isolated, extreme environments - whether on a mine site in Australia, or on an offshore platform off the coast of Thailand. Our integrated services are designed to help your employees feel more at home even in challenging places.

Focus Areas

Our deep consumer knowledge and the use of technology to gather real-time data bring innovation, improve well-being and drive efficiency in these unconventional workplaces. We use technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, IoT Hub and Power BI to help clients in their business and digital transformation. The result: efficiency gains that can potentially save a corporation millions of dollars.

Zero compromise

Maximising workplace health and safety is our top priority. We do not compromise when it comes to health and safety.

nutritious chef-developed menus

Attract and retain talents in your industry

Your employees’ well-being at work contributes to better performance on the job. From nutritious chef-developed menus, meticulous housekeeping and laundry services to fitness programmes, waste management, camp design and more, our offerings create a comfortable, safe and hygienic environment for residents to live and work.

Maximising workplace health and safety is our top priority.

Prioritising workplace health and safety

Our network of Quality, Health and Safety specialists throughout the world provide over 300,000 hours of training to Sodexo staff every year. The majority of our operations comply with ISO 9001, HACCP and OSHAS 18001, international safety standards that are recognised.

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