Conducting our business ethically

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As a community, we’re only as strong as the impact we make. Our ethical principles enable us to care for the people we help and the people we work with.





Our ethical principles Spread of healthy food

Loyalty: we place trust at the heart of our relationships with both clients and employees.

Respect for people: we value respect, dignity and consideration for all people regardless of their background, age, gender, beliefs and life choices.

Transparency: we ensure that our customers, employees and shareholders are informed accurately and clearly about our products and services.

Business integrity: we condemn all practices that are not based on honesty, integrity and fairness.



             “Those who work for and with Sodexo should always be respected and confident about the integrity of their relationship and engagement with us. I encourage everyone to read and live our Code of Conduct.”  

Spread of healthy food
Sophie Bellon

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Sodexo




Spread of healthy food


We expect our high standards to be met, we want everyone to be able to raise ethical concerns. Our Speak Up Ethics Line allows everyone (employees, business partners, suppliers, clients, etc.) to report possible abusive practices in a confident and confidential way.




Our Code of Conduct: we’re all on board to create a better every day

CityskapeOur senior leaders, executives and frontline employees have one thing in common: they all feel responsible for doing the right thing every day. Whether we’re fighting corruption, providing accurate financial statements or protecting privacy, our teams can always refer to our Code of Conduct named “Business Integrity Guide”. As ethics is often complex and there may be no simple answers or solutions, the Code provides employees the resources and support, including practical tools, to apply our principles and standards of business integrity.



Sodexo Ethics App 

Accessible to the general public, along with our Cityskapeemployees and our stakeholders, Sodexo Ethics App provides digital access to Sodexo Code of Conduct, key policies and statements, as well as interactive content and a direct access to Speak Up Ethics Line.

Available in the Apple Store or in the Play Store in 16 languages.




Our Supplier Code of Conduct: starting positive chain reactions


We’re proud of our role as a global group operating in 45 countries. As such, we help our suppliers, vendors and contractors take the necessary steps to comply with our ethical principles. Our Supplier Code of Conduct ensures that everyone on our chain respects people and the planet, whether by ensuring equal pay or by managing waste sustainably. We mean it.

Read the guidelines our suppliers have agreed to follow.



Making sure we’re doing better

Our Ethics and Compliance Committee deploys our ethical and compliant culture, programs and policies in all operating countries. It supports regional committees and reviews specific issues brought to its attention, checking that we practice what we preach.

To keep doing better, we also seek guidance from experts and are a member of business ethics organizations such as the Institute of Business Ethics, The Business Ethics Circle, and the European Business Ethics Network. That way, we can learn from the best.

We constantly raise awareness through training campaigns about ethical business conduct and train our managers to combat sexual harassment, ensure human rights or steer away from conflicts of interest.

Finally, we take risk management seriously. In accordance with France’s Duty of Vigilance Act, our Vigilance Plan identifies risks and prevents hazards linked with human rights, the environment, as well as health and safety. Both our operations and business partners’ activities are taken into account.