Design and refurbishment of your offshore units

Design and refurbishment of your offshore units

Today, employees have higher expectations of offshore living. Sodexo renovates your offshore unit’s living quarters to enhance health and safety standards on board and improve Quality of Life. We operate on newbuilds in shipyards, or on outdated installations at sea, with no disruption to operations. Our services include consultancy, design, project management and implementation for amenities fitout, as well as interior design services 

Design and refurbishment of newbuilds

With our understanding of your crew’s accommodation needs and our presence in the shipyards, we help you optimize space and comfort of living quarters on newbuilt rigs and platforms. With AddMoreSphere, we use decorative elements (full mural panels, artificial or natural plants) to create a pleasant environment for your offshore living quarters that improves Quality of Life.

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efficiency@sea, our cost-effective offshore refurbishment solution

efficiency@sea optimizes the limited space on your ageing offshore units and improves Quality of Life on board. The scope of our services covers cabin refurbishment, recreation room outfitting, galley upgrade and mess hall design. Business continuity is ensured as refurbishments are carried out offshore with no interruption to your operations.

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efficiency@sea is an end-to-end offshore refurbishment solution that covers consultancy and design, project management, implementation and maintenance of your living quarters.

  • Consultancy & Design
    To improve Quality of Life on board and understand the crew’s welfare needs, we gather information that includes end-user surveys and interviews, site audits as well as time and motion studies. 3D renderings are produced as part of our design proposal.

  • Project management & implementation
    Our dedicated technical team works with you to execute projects within your specified timeframe, manage project budget and quality control, and minimize inconvenience to your crew and operations.

  • Facilities management
    Our onshore support team oversees improvement, repair and replacement plans for your offshore facility. Our technicians deliver mechanical, electrical, plumbing and handyman works.

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    Working offshore means long and exhausting shifts. When off, it is important to unwind in colourful and comfortable cabins for quality rest.

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    Being far away at sea for several weeks, access to communications is crucial to maintain close contact with relatives and boost morale on board.

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    Enjoy break-time with the crew in a friendlier tea shack to reload batteries.

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    Meal times are the most convivial moments on board. Make these moments even more enjoyable for your workforce with a pleasant and modern mess hall.

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Our on-board multitrained technician takes care of corrective and preventive maintenance of your equipment.


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- Enhances social interactions

- Breaks the routine on board

- Brings more comfort for better wellness

- Assures business continuity

- Improves ergonomics for safety

Sodexo’s Quality of Life solution to improve on-board infrastructure with no disruption of your business operations.

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Talisman’s Montrose Alpha platform was built in 1975. Our refurbishment solution enabled accommodation extension and improved Quality of Life for the crew.
"It is much quieter, you can gather your thoughts and actually have a conversation at meal times.” Talisman

AddMoreSphere improves ambiance on board with decorative solutions compliant with offshore safety standards


Seadrill newbuilds in shipyardsSeadrill needed a reliable partner to meet the challenges of their growing global fleet.

"We would not have been able to manage all aspects of mobilization if it wasn’t for Sodexo’s participation." Seadrill