Training and skills development

Training and development are at the heart of business model

Improving Quality of Life is Sodexo’s key commitment. This ambition cannot become a reality without the engagement of the Group’s 427,000 employees worldwide as each of them ensures the quality of services for clients and consumers. Thus, as the 19th largest employer in the world, the development of its employees is a number one priority for Sodexo.

Training key figures FY2012

A world of opportunities

Throughout their career, whatever their position and level of responsibility, Sodexo employees benefit from strong development opportunities:

  • In-house induction programs for all new hires to help them discover Sodexo’s services and operational standards
  • Individual and collective training within the framework of the locally defined annual plans
  • Personalized development support: mentoring for managers, tutoring for new hires, “buddy system” between experts and beginners
  • Programs that lead to recognized qualifications such as training programs to become site manager

Consistent training leads to strong engagement

85% of our employees prefer working for Sodexo over the competition.


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