Social Interactions

The feeling of solitude can naturally emerge when individuals are far from home on remote sites or in senior living facilities; however, loneliness can also occur even in busy environments such as college campuses or bustling workplaces. Our services take into account the natural need for companionship in a variety of settings.

Quality of Life Dimension - Social Interaction (infographic)


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In home-care situations for example, we take seniors out of isolation through everyday activities such as reading the newspaper or grocery shopping together. Given that seniors who befriend fellow residents are more likely to say that they live very well, compared to those who don’t (42.1 percent vs 20.9 percent), our services in resident facilities promote group activities and interaction between residents.

Socializing can be equally important in the workplace and on campuses as well. In fact, 79 percent of employees consider coffee breaks as the most efficient way to boost team spirit and ease conflicts, while 91 percent view breaks as an ideal moment to strengthen relationships with colleagues. As many rely on these moments to reinforce the feeling of belonging, Sodexo makes it a point to create well-designed and welcoming environments in offices and schools where colleagues can gather to share a cup of coffee.

Our culture passes address the issue of socializing in an entirely different way. The passes give access to art exhibits, concerts and cinema to employees who wouldn’t necessarily have the budget to do so otherwise. This service not only increases access to cultural events, it also raises morale and engagement at work.


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Drawing upon extensive studies on individual perception of Quality of Life combined with 50 years of experience with clients and employees, Sodexo has been able to identify six dimensions of Quality of Life on which our services can have a real and measurable impact.

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Survey - How leaders value QOL (245x150) 
This first international study shows that decision makers recognize a link between improving Quality of Life and performance. It goes even further, to identify the specific business outcomes (such as image and reputation, business, financial performance and organizational efficiency).