Safe and Comforting Environment

Safe and Comforting Environment

Patient experience is highly influenced by the general aspect of the hospital and the friendliness of its team members. Our service staff are more than technicians in their respective areas (facility maintenance, cleaning services or patient transport), ensuring human contact with patients while delivering services.

Cleanliness is the top priority

From public visiting areas to patient rooms and operating theaters, Sodexo’s cleaning and disinfecting procedures match the most stringent international standards. Our technicians use the latest innovations in hospital disinfection, with the ultimate goal to avoid the spread of bacteria and ensure the safety of patient in the hospital.

Contact with patients

In between purely clinical activities, hospital patients spend much of their time just waiting for something to happen. The time that Sodexo team members spend cleaning and maintaining hospital rooms are an opportunity for patients to escape from their solitude through conversation.

More services

In-patient Meals

Sodexo is the largest private employer of registered dietitians and our teams work closely with doctors to plan menus suited to patient requirements.

Room Service

We offer hotel quality foodservice for patients upon request, featuring à la Carte menus with dishes served at any time of the day.

Well-balanced Food

Sodexo is a major supporter of the many efforts to curb these public health crises across the world; good nutrition and physical activity.


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