Clinical Technology Management

Clinical Technology Management

Patient welfare and treatment depends on the ongoing management and upkeep of thousands of pieces of clinical, biomedical and diagnostic equipment in a hospital. Sodexo’s technical professionals ensure that critical medical equipment is always performing at peak efficiency.

Maintaining clinical equipment

Maintaining sophisticated monitoring devices, scanners and MRI machines requires genuine expertise. Our objective is simple: to limit machine downtime so that medical teams can deliver quality service without interruption while controlling costs.

More services

Medical Devices Management

Sodexo offers its healthcare clients Medical Device Management services which has helped hospitals manage preventive and corrective maintenance.

24/7 Maintenance Interventions

Hospitals have to be able to plan for capital improvements instead of reacting to problems.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping

The hospital area setting is an important factor in the well being of patients and their quality of life.


Sodexo’s cleaning and disinfecting procedures match the most stringent international standards.


Our specialists use innovative techniques to produce an outstanding level of quality while controlling operating costs.


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