Communication Facilities

Communication Facilities

Despite the explosion of online communication, mail and shipment activities are still very much in demand and vital for doing business at a great many companies. Sodexo uses the web-based Maximo Asset Management, which is able to offer clients a full range of preventive and corrective maintenance services.

Maximo links directly through a computer system to a dedicated 24 hour call center located in the Sodexo office. All requests for maintenance are received, managed and acted upon efficiently, and promptly to ensure the smooth running of the institution.

In addition, Maximo allows Sodexo’s maintenance staff to schedule regular preventive maintenance on machinery and buildings to reduce the instance of problems. The client references are Impact Muang Thong Thani, Mega Bangna etc.

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Front desk hosts and hostesses are a company’s daily ambassadors. They are visitors’ first contact with the company when they come through the door.

Foodservices for People on the Go

The fast pace of work and overloaded schedules have resulted in radically shortened lunch hours.


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