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Regional presence keeps Sodexo close to clients

As the 7th largest – and one of the fastest growing - economies in the world, Brazil is key to Sodexo’s international development. Its challenges - enormous size and regional diversity, high employee turnover - are offset by the strong team spirit and creativity of the Brazilian people. A people who have been the cornerstone of Sodexo’s continued success in providing market-leading Quality of Life Services.

Brazil key figures

Market leaders for motivation

In a country with high absenteeism and high turnover rates, companies are fully aware of the need to offer Quality of Life Services as a way to attract and retain talent. Sodexo’s successful Benefits and Rewards Services have triumphed in this fiercely competitive sector – there are an astonishing 150 rival companies offering benefits program. But Sodexo’s Benefits and Rewards portfolio is the biggest in Brazil and includes benefits, expense management, incentives, insurance services that range from meal & food passes to transportation, fuel, gift, toy and cultural activity cards.

Maintaining a positive, life-enhancing workplace while enhancing the performance of organizations can also be addressed by creating innovative programs such as Viver Bem, which promotes a good nutrition and healthy lifestyle or EAP (Employee Assistance Program), which provides psychological, legal, financial and social support. 

Remaining close to our clients

How does Sodexo meet the logistic challenges posed by a country of continental size and tough weather conditions in some regions? By making it a priority to remain close to clients, in this case, with strategically positioned regional offices and distribution centers in 10 states. For example, in Manaus, in the northwest state of Amazonas, Sodexo operates for a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer and as over a third of the staff are Japanese, much of the meals served is Asian cuisine. Sushi in the Amazon? No problem for Sodexo!

The Brazilian climate and distances also make it more difficult to maintain the strict QHSE (Quality, Safety, Health and Environment) standards that Sodexo is known for. One response is the team of 85 that travel Brazil constantly, training employees in best practices and procedures for work and food safety. And Sodexo’s 2011 acquisition of Puras, the country’s second largest foodservices company, has only reinforced our excellence in this area, with improved QHSE processes, tools and integrated systems. 

Training and mentoring for employee retention

“Our employees are looking for training, for a feeling of closeness with their manager. Learning a job is valuable and gratifying” says Marcio Federico, On-site Services VP HR Central, South America & Brazil.

fans maintenance2To respond to these specific needs, Sodexo developed the Programa Trainee which focuses on preparing young professionals to assume the duties of Unit Manager before integrating client´s site. Unit Managers in turn stay very close to their teams with daily meetings, tracking KPIs to ensure that the team is performing and that their needs are being met. The Academia de Vendasoffers a complete training program for the Sodexo sales force with a focus on Marketing, Sales and Businesses.
And mentorship programs have also had good success rates. This close-contact and complete training approach is a key factor to employee retention.

Whether in Industry, Banking, Mining, Energy, Health Care, Education, Sodexo continues to build growth on a wide range of comprehensive offers combining On-site Services and Benefits&Rewards Services that provide more added value to the benefits of our clients.



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Professionalization and Employability
Sodexo develops partnerships with institutions and non-governmental organizations throughout the country where the Group operates, to support disadvantaged communities and help people to find a job.

Projeto SOMA
Teaches sustainable agricultural practice and entrepreneurship to help developing local communities. The project has already benefited almost 70 families.


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