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“Our aim is to be the Quality of Life Services brand that is known, respected and chosen for our leadership in Safety behavior, engaged workforce, service excellence that exceeds client and consumer expectations and for our commitment to creating a better tomorrow for all of our stakeholders.” Johnpaul Dimech, CEO Sodexo in Australia

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Custom Quality of Life Services fit a unique environment

Given its incredible size and vast areas of desert, Australia poses a singular challenge for any service provider. Rising to that challenge, Sodexo has been improving quality of life for the workforces of client companies and their communities since 1982, most notably through dedicated services in five key segments: Corporate, Seniors, Education, Defense and Remote Sites. In all locations, Sodexo’s growing reputation for tailored comprehensive services, innovation and exemplary safety behavior is highly valued.

Maintaining an edge in a competitive economy

Australia’s thriving resources sector provides ongoing opportunities for growth in quality On-site Services for the mining, energy, oil and gas industries. Some of these sites present extreme conditions like Australia’s largest underground mine, Olympic Dam, established in the desert 560km from the nearest city.

This site is operated by BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company. Sodexo participated in designing and building the two villages created to service the project. Our team ensures a wide range of Quality of Life Services that support workers far from home and contribute to reduce staff turnover. Our programs like the Symmetry Health, Lifestyle and Entertainment help maintain employee well-being through lifestyle initiatives like social events, workout programs and healthy food options.

The ongoing service relationship with mining giant Rio Tinto is another example of Sodexo’s skill in remote site logistics. From accommodation management and technical maintenance to catering, landscaping and lifestyle programs, Sodexo provides the services necessary to enhance employee well-being in difficult locations.

technical equipment maintenance employeeSodexo’s reputation for rigorous QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) practices has proven beneficial for its clients and employees. Contracts like an expanding multi-service deal with Australian Submarine Corp for several sites in Southern and Western Australia that includes catering, cleaning, grounds maintenance and waste disposal. In addition, Sodexo is setting new standards in workplace safety, with our sites achieving significant safety milestones such as 500,000 hours LTI (Lost Time Injury) free.

A great place to work: career development at the core

A fiercely competitive job market means that in Australia, attracting and keeping talent is a top priority. Sodexo has developed industry-leading strategies that ensure its staff members are well equipped and properly trained so that they can grow within the organization and feel appropriately valued. Internally, our Management Development Program gives structure to individual career paths. And at a national level, our approach to training and apprenticeships involves close collaboration with technical and further education - or TAFE - institutions. For example, Sodexo has formed a partnership with the Sunshine Coast TAFE in Queensland to deliver a nationally accredited Management Diploma.

A virtuous circle

remote site security checkSodexo’s activities are by nature local and that is why contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of local communities is key to success. These goals, detailed in The Better Tomorrow Plan take shape in a number of initiatives. The incredible Australian landscape is a daily reminder of the importance of sustainable and responsible development. Working with clients and employees Sodexo has pursued a commitment to sustainable development by establishing initiatives dedicated to waste management solutions, sustainable supply chain and water efficiency. In 2009, the Department of Mines and Petroleum recognised Sodexo’s Resource Recovery Program for leading environmental progress. This recognition reflects the importance of waste management in the mining industry and how Sodexo helps clients reduce their environmental impact.


Oz Minerals
After creating a true community through a comprehensive range of Quality of Life Services, Sodexo was awarded an unprecedented contract at the Prominent Hill village valid for the life of the mine.

Australian Submarine Corp
Building on a 15 year long relationship, Sodexo provides a range of services including specialist cleaning, grounds maintenance, food services, pest control and waste disposal.

Rio Tinto
Sodexo proudly provides integrated services ranging from cleaning, food and facilities management services through to maintenance at remote locations, now totaling four production sites and three expansion villages in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. 

BHP Billiton
Sodexo goes beyond basic remote-site services and implements a truly modern, integrated program that delivers operational efficiency and effective health, lifestyle and entertainment benefits.


Aboriginal woman in Australia
A high priority is placed on developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with local communities in locations in which Sodexo operates to improve Quality of Life. Sodexo was one of the first companies of its kind in the country to implement a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to bridge the gap with indigenous communities. The development of training and employment opportunities for local communities is an important step.


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On Remote Sites, safety is key. We train our employees to help them make the safest choices at work.