Cover Business Integrity GuideZero Tolerance for Acts of Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

Our business integrity commitment includes standards that provide for equal employment and promotion opportunities and strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment of any kind against any of our employees. All Sodexo employees are required to abide by these standards in order to help create inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive. These standards have been developed in line with our adherence to global standards, such as the UN Global Compact Principles (since 2003), the UN Women Empowerment Principles (since 2015), the ILO Global Business and Disability Network Charter (since 2016) and the UN LGBTI Standards (since 2020). We are constantly reviewing our policies and working to meet the needs of our workforce and the communities we serve. The Sodexo Speak Up Ethics Line allows everyone working for or on behalf of Sodexo or with whom Sodexo has or has had some type of business relationship to raise concerns about possible misconduct – including discrimination or harassment – in a safe and confidential environment.

Zoom on person holding a penPreventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

In June 2017, Sodexo and the International Union of Food (IUF) signed an agreement committed to preventing and combating sexual harassment in the workplace. Sodexo and the IUF wish to ensure that all employees are aware of what constitutes sexual harassment, that they fully understand what is expected of them, that they know how to report any problems and that they are able to report alleged abuses in total confidence. Following this agreement, training for all staff regarding this policy and their responsibilities has become mandatory. We provide online training on the subject and on the reporting mechanism, e.g., our Speak Up Ethics Line.

Person behind a computer screenSelf-Awareness Training

We want each employee to be treated fairly and build a self-aware, respectful, and inclusive workforce. This requires effort to raise awareness amongst our managers and employees regarding sensitive issues, such as understanding their own behaviours towards others and on how they can contribute to building more inclusive workplaces. As such, we invest in and implement the necessary tools, processes, and training to achieve this goal. Sodexo has developed Diversity & Inclusion learning and development programs to:

Communications and Accesibility

Through our communications, we raise awareness, build a common understanding and support behavioral changes that favor inclusion.  Making sure our communications are accessible to all and representative of the diversity of the communities is also a global requirement at Sodexo.


Across all of our communication mediums, we take a consistent approach to ensure readability and to provide alternative means of accessing information in order to comply with our policy. We ensure that all of our employees, vendors, clients, and stakeholders can connect with us regardless of how they access our site.


Our goal is to ensure that our intranet and externally-facing website meet the new standards for accessibility. This means that anyone anywhere can access this information on any device using any adaptive or assistive technology. As of January 1, 2020, all content produced by Sodexo meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Level AA Conformance.