Waste management

Waste management

We provide state of the art environmental services for your project, from waste management to water treatment and energy management.

Waste management

We are experts in the day-to-day management, treatment and export of household waste at your camp and technical waste at your industrial facility, going beyond mere salvage operations to encompass the entire waste management chain. We provide turnkey solutions for all types of waste, no matter how hazardous, guaranteeing safety levels for both camp residents and the environment.

Water treatment

We design, build and operate your water treatment plant (ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, electrolysis system, containerized, lease option), as well as your waste water treatment plant (moving bed biofilm reactor, trickling filter and recycling system).

More services

Camp design and construction

We design and build camps to receive hundreds of employees in remote areas, often under harsh conditions.

Facilities management

We deliver essential services under extreme conditions, including housing, transportation, camp maintenance, etc.


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