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Quality of Life Services

Sodexo’s comprehensive services improve an organization by optimizing the three key elements of an organization: People, Processes, Infrastructures & Equipments.

Quality of Life in the service of Performance

At Sodexo, we believe that the Quality of Life contributes to the progress of individuals and performance of organizations.

For this reason, Sodexo has become the strategic partner of businesses and organizations, creating, managing and delivering comprehensive Quality of Daily Life services that improve our clients' performance and development.

Our services help organizations improve performance in three key areas:

  • People, by increasing employee, consumer and end-user satisfaction and motivation as well as by helping them to be more effective at what they do.
  • Processes, in enhancing the quality, efficiency and productivity of their processes.
  • Infrastructure and Equipment, through optimized asset utilization and reliability; and contributing to the attractiveness of living and work environments.

Sodexo comprehensive services

Sodexo designs, manages and delivers comprehensive services through:

  On-site Services
(formerly Food and Facilities Management services)
to its 4 client segments:

These services offered on client sites are complemented by our Personal & Home Solutions within the Corporate and Seniors segments.

 Benefits & Rewards Services
(formerly Motivation Solutions)
offered across three service categories:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Incentives and Recognition
  • Public Benefits

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